Sunday, March 16, 2014

So, What had happened was...

What had happened was life got in the way of me sitting down to write in this thing, and I'm off my game. I've officially emerged from prom ticket hell, and life is slowly beginning to move forward. My right eye twitch (seriously...I'm not being funny) is on the mend, and my first 5K is in the books! If I've learned anything about myself lately it's that I have the umph to run 5 days a week but zero willpower when it comes to eating. *sigh*

Man, yesterday was so much fun! I was dressed in dry-fit clothing from top to bottom, and I felt so official going on a morning run with other people. When the gun went off to begin the race, I squealed and did a hop with fast clapping in honor of the moment, and then I remembered I was supposed to start running. Nothing made me happier than to hear the huffing and spitting of those around me because it debunked the myth that I'm the only person who looks and sounds horrible while running. I even made friendly conversation with a fellow runner a half mile from the finish line, and I wasn't huffing like a dying animal. My man Rick Murray caught me in action, and I didn't look half bad. What the what! The only thing that makes me sad about liking the race so much is that registration fees for like events become expensive. The next race is April 5th in Franklin, and I'm scouring the internet for other races in the area. So. Excited!

The only other thing I'd like to do every once in a while is run with someone or a few someones. I contacted the Hendersonville Running Club weeks ago, but apparently they're not concerned with adding new members, so I thought I'd extend an invitation for my own running get together! It doesn't even have to be a consistent time and place; I just want to get together and have a good time every once in a while.  Running alone is great, but yesterday was so fun that I think I will challenge myself more around others. I NEED the motivation to work harder. If anyone knows of any established clubs that are good with getting back to interested folks of all skill levels, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to hope a person or two will read this and say, "heck yeah I want to run with you!" Partners or not, I'll continue running, as it has quickly become the way I shake off all the crazy of my days. After selling prom tickets with my dear (and gluttons for punishment) teacher friends, I couldn't wait to change clothes and go for a run. Without running, I think I'd eat children for lunch instead of teach them how to read and write. A slight grin and a chuckle emerge when I read that statement because six months has changed so much in my much for the better.

So, who's up for a run?

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