Sunday, June 29, 2014

Inspired by the Gym Rats

Yep. I've officially been the gym rats. As of late, I've become one of them. My days revolve around going to the gym, and most of the time it's super early morning and a great way to start the day. Going with my friend, April, is a great way to workout because we push one another to go harder than we would otherwise. All of this being said, I've been inspired to address the scenery that is the gym. Take it for what you paid for it; my opinion is not golden, but I'm going to share it any how.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. What are ya doin? My version of workout clothes is dry fit everything, a bandana or headband, and a bottle of water. Running shoes and headphones accompany my moisture wicking garb, and I sweat my tail off while haphazardly wiping my face with a ruddy old kitchen towel. That is what the gym should look like. But no. No. You sashay in with your oversized tank top, spandex booty shorts, and 3/4 high top tennis shoes. You clearly straightened your hair and put on a full face of makeup just before you donned the sideways, flat-billed ball cap. Are we being punked? Kudos to everyone who chuckled at that.

This is the gym. It's 2014. You didn't just walk onto the set of a Vanilla Ice music video, and you are not a video vixen. Unfortunately, it appears the men folk enjoy your kind and only give the obligatory smile to mine...mine being the sweaty, pitiful looking (yet obviously hard working) type. Your leggings and sports bra do not have to color coordinate, and perfume? Really? I'm just hoping my deodorant holds up! I certainly envy the way you manhandle the free weights, but I am not in love with your overly botoxed, clearly augmented physique.

Ladies, be you. If you go to the gym and get the muscles because you love it, then more power to you. If you go to the gym because you're worried about how you look to others, then shame on you. Be confident. I go to the gym to maintain my eating habit, and that makes me happy.  There's not much more satisfying than feeling healthy but eating what I want and enjoying my food. Life's too short to bypass heart-healthy activities, but it's also too short to go to the gym looking like I'm in a 1990s fitness competition. :)

I think I'll find something chocolate to eat...

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