Monday, December 30, 2013

Simple mouse in the big city.

Standard teen speak: OMG. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had an overwhelmed, slight tears moment in the airport, but I composed my nerves and found where I needed to be. Large crowds sometimes hit me like a ton of bricks, and momentarily, it's like things are swooshing around me but I'm lost. Stepping off the plane into a holiday crowd was more than I bargained for, but some kind words and helpful texts messages got me on the right track! Brooklyn has already frozen my ears and filled my belly, and it's only the first night. Tomorrow is grocery shopping, seeing the big tree and Macy's window displays, and the NYE partaay (can't you tell I'm the party aminal- yes, I intentionally typed aminal).

After Italian dinner and chocolate sorbet, my sweatpants and this couch are looking nice. Tito is grading papers, Margaret is writing notes, and I'm just observing and soaking in the unfamiliar sounds of traffic and apartment neighbors, coupled with wind, and radiators spewing steam heat.  I've been introduced to Gary, Sharon, and Divine (all house plants residing here in the apt), and I've had the distinct pleasure of showering with a ginormous rain shower head.Tomorrow will be pictures, so if you're into mindless reading and amateur photography, stay tuned for more of my rambling.

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