Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Macy's, Lord and Taylor, Rock Plaza

View from the rooftop access
Part of Macy's window display. (not the best pictures bc of the glare)
Tree in Rock Plaza - not as huge as I thought. 
Lord and Taylor display...there were so many more, but the glare was awful. The videos are better. 
Macy's again
So, I can't post videos to blogger from my phone, but I'll be sure to get some together soon. These windows are crazy! They move and sing and dance...pretty theatrical. There you have it: the first amateur (EXTREMELY amateur) photos of the trip. 

By bedtime last night, I had wind burn something horrible on my cheeks, and tonight I'm already tired, (the party hasn't even started yet!). Hopefully I'll keep my eyes open for the ringing in of 2014. I'm taking this bull by the horns, so please keep your arms and legs inside the ride; this is MY year. 

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