Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some things to know about me.

Those of you who know me in intimate situations are familiar with the list of things I'm about to share.  Some of you may not be versed in the ways of Ashley; therefore, I'm going to let it all out and share a few things about me that you may not know.  Laughing out loud is totally acceptable.

I'm weird...
This is a generic way to start, but I feel like it's the perfect caveat to the rest of the list, so prepare yourselves for my variety of weird.

I dance when I eat...
Oh, it's dancing -- real dancing.  And, I truly believe that it makes the food taste better.  Someone affirmed said dancing just the other day when he shared with me that some say really good food should make people dance.  Now I won't feel so strange about waving my fork around to direct the symphony in my mouth.  I might even grab an ankle and pump my knee while hopping around on the other leg.

I engage in car singing and shower singing...frequently
More often than not, I forget to stop dramatically wailing to Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits as I pull up to local red lights.  More often than not, I get weird looks instead of friendly giggles, but I don't care.  Showers and cars everywhere are being deprived of 90's music, but mine are overly satisfied...and maybe a bit dismayed.

I worry too much...
This is a work in progress. I'm trying to be less concerned with things I can't control, but sometimes that's easier said than done.  In my mind, scenarios of all sorts play out, and it most always pans out that my worst thoughts aren't the reality.

I cry...a lot
I'm a mad crier.  You know, the person who stands in a blank stare and tries to ward off the chin quiver that most certainly means sticky tears dripping down both cheeks.  I'm a panicky crier: the battery cable in my car came loose today at a gas station, and the "you're not going to cry about this" pep talk I gave myself only lasted until (see above) I began to process every bad thing that could possibly make my car not respond to key in ignition.  Thank you, stranger, for being so kind as to notice it was something easily fixed, or I might be a puddle on the Thornton's sidewalk.

Crying in movies and at commercials about hungry or abused people/animals is a fairly recent development.  I have a sensitive heart, folks. Don't judge.

I'm opinionated, and I have a defunct filter...
It's unsolicited, and if I don't say it, it's written all over my face.  Some people may argue that I'm mean, but I'm not.  What I say isn't meant to hurt people's feelings, it's just...well, it is what it is.  Take it or leave it.  I can dish it and expect it in return.  Trust me: if I wanted to hurt feelings, I would.  My delivery is just a tad off in some situations, and if you know that going in, I'll rarely offend you.  Most of the time I'm simply honest to a fault, and I'm learning that that's a lot to process for some folks.

I talk...a lot
If you tell me to knock it off, I won't be offended.  Sometimes I even get on my own nerves.  True story.

Sometimes I say dumb things...
(result of above)

I laugh like a hyena...
In a September post, I mentioned my laugh being a decibel not acceptable in most public places.  Also a true story.  If you get me comfortable, the goofy laugh will emerge.  Sometimes I laugh harder because I get tickled that my laugh is so ridiculous.

I'm a dog
When I invest in something, it's %100, so regardless of what goes down, I'll give the benefit of the doubt through more than most will tolerate.  Those who'd argue my meanness might find that I'm actually a little too forgiving in some situations.  This is good and bad because I'm able to overlook many faults in others and can be fiercely trusted myself, but I sometimes hurt myself by ignoring red flags that should be deal breakers.

I wear my heart on my sleeve...
(See loyalty section, and opinionated section...oh, the crying part, too)

I'll believe it if you say it...
The optimist in me says that everyone tells the truth.  If you tell me you're going to do something, then I expect it'll be done.  The realist part of me knows that it's important to do research to make sure things are what they are; however, when it comes to a man's word, everyone is innocent until proven guilty in my eyes.  I don't lie: I'm terrible at it. For all my boldness, I'm a really trusting person, and it really hurts my feelings when someone violates please don't. Just be forward even if it's going to hurt my feelings.  I'd rather know than walk around ignorant and have a larger hurt later.

I can't sleep when I'm anxious...or hot
First day of school, job interview, hot date, doctor's appt., lunch with an old friend -- if it can be anticipated with nerves, then it might hinder my sleep slightly.  Thus the reason I'm typing a blog entry at midnight (school starts back tomorrow).  I'll hate myself at 6am.

I am NOT high maintenance...
Going out for a night on the town is fun every once in a while, but staying in and enjoying someone's company is more my speed.  Name brands don't mean anything (unless they're on a great sale!), and honesty and a good sense of humor is going to win me over much more than what you buy or say that might impress me.  Picnics are my favorite -- even the ones that mean a blanket on the living room floor just for a change of pace.  Bologna sandwiches and pudding cups make me just as happy, if not happier, than steak dinners for two.

What you see is what you get...
My personality is all over the place, but it's never fake.  The teacher me and the "normal" me are one and the same.  I'm human -- who cares if the kids see that?  As a matter fact, they appreciate adults who can be themselves instead of ones who pretend to be more important just because they're adults.  One conversation with me should give you an idea of whether you'll like hanging around.  Not everyone will like me...that's ok.  Just don't pretend; I won't.

This is certainly not an entire list of the strange that defines me; however, it's a good start to this new year.  Do you have some "weird" that you share with the world?

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