Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge, Freedom Tower, Starbucks

Beginning of our walk
Lady Liberty off in the distance
Lower Manhattan view
Midtown (distant view)
Apparently if you're in love, locking an engraved Master around the bridge makes it foreva eva. 
Margaret and Tim(my)
It's so cold, I couldn't move my face to smile like a normal person. 
I guess last night was too much, so I took a small nap...
My ginormous purse was in the way of me standing like a normal person.
Yay! We made it across. Brooklyn to Manhattan. We saw the set up for the new mayor's speech, and we found a Starbucks where Margaret and I agreed the rudest woman ever had no idea how to order coffee...or how to be nice. 
Freedom Tower (replaces World Trade Towers)
And the most fabulous picture of the day goes to...
This hung on the door downstairs so that party goers would know the proper procedure. Nothing like seeing your brother in a soaked wife beater to kick off a new year. Happy New Year, everyone!

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