Monday, February 17, 2014

Running and such

Running. I never in a million years thought that I'd be following Twitter feeds devoted to running, spending my weekends at the park pushing myself for "knees up!" when climbing a hill, and spending my hard-earned bones on 5k races when I can clearly go outside and run for free. I guess a good bit of this started with the need to clear my head; it began as a way to run from my problems, and now it's a way to think -- sort of the sit in the bathroom with a magazine equivalent. On most days, I don't have to tell my feet to go; they just do it. Occasionally there's a freak-out moment when I realize my brain is almost disconnected from my feet, that I've been moving forward without contemplating it. My eyes are open, but they aren't really focused on what's in front of me: they're searching elsewhere, going through conversations and activities that should have been or could be. Maybe that sounds stupid, but it is what it is.

So, here are a few races I've registered for or am seriously considering. I invite anyone to participate with me, as I imagine some of them to be more fun with friends. If you know of any cool races, let me know...I'm open to anything 5k...not really a distance runner (5 miles and under is my range).

Registered for:
Shamrock 5k and Leprechaun Leap - Gallatin, TN (Saturday, March 15th) - benefits K-12 Education
I was asked by old high school/college friends to participate on their team, so I'm excited to reunite with them and to run in my first race! FYI: the registration date to receive the race-day dri-fit shirt has passed. Contacted the race supervisor, and she was extremely helpful.

WillPower 5k  - Franklin, TN Public Square (Saturday, April 5th)
This race is one I happened across, and I like that the money benefits a young man (Will) who has horrible health issues. He's a trooper, they say, and I hope my meager $27.50 can help to put a dent in one of his bills. On top of that, I sent an email to the race supervisor, and he was kind enough to answer back with words of encouragement and some helpful information.

Signed up for notifications:
Cosmic Run Nashville - (Saturday, May 17th)
I saw a version of this run on The Bachelor, and a student of mine told me last week that it's coming to Nashville. This is a night run during and after which there's a glowing dance party! How fun!! This run will definitely be better in a group. I think it's less of a run, and more of a dance your face off for three miles.

Runs I'm considering:
CASA - Superhero 5k - Lebanon, TN (Saturday, April 19th)
How fun would it be to run dressed up as your favorite super hero?? I could run in a cape! This race is for a great cause: violence against children. The $25 is well worth it if we can stop a child from being abused.

MHMS Hawk Walk and Run - Hendersonville, TN (Saturday, April 12th)
This is a benefit for Merrol Hyde Magnet School. A good friend with whom I teach has three children in MHMS, so I feel like my race money will be well spent for their sakes.

Home Run 4 Miler - Greer Stadium in Nashville (Saturday, May, 10th)
I. Love. Baseball. And, the only part of Fort Negley and Wedgewood I've seen is driving in from I65, parking near Adventure Science Center, and walking into the stadium. I think this would be fun and scenic! It also benefits Habitat for Humanity Nashville. Good cause, no? :)

Any how, I'm a newbie, so if you have tips for packet pick ups, race morning eating, how to manage hydration stations, headphones or no headphones...send them my way!!

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