Friday, April 4, 2014

5K we go again

Tomorrow morning, I'll be up before most of you even roll over to realize you have to pee but don't feel like getting out of the covers for the event. I wish I could say I've psyched myself up for driving almost an hour to run 3.1 miles with a ton of people I don't know, but I'm not sure psyched is my mindset yet. Going to bed the night before a big event is not my strong point, so I'm a bit nervous that I'll not be able to sleep -- the story of my life this week.

WillPower 5k
Franklin Public Square
6:30 Registration
7:30 Race Start
39 degrees with a windchill of 35 -- whaaaattttt?

Normally I run well in cold weather, but the last several days have seen me attempting to adjust to 80 degrees+. How in the world am I going to adjust from 65 this evening to 35 in the morning? Oy. I've already dug out the polar fleece ear warmer and made sure my favorite SC Basketball hoodie is clean and ready for the race. A pair of cheap gloves, a long-sleeved dry fit shirt, and my leggings will complete the ensemble and guarantee my full-on cold weather (nerdy) running look. I just can't go without my ears covered in such cold temps. No way. Wish me luck folks; I'm going to try to wind down now. Ha.

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