Saturday, April 19, 2014

Running Accoutrement

Ok, running people. I need the helps. Today, I finally visited the local running store and met Jordan, the friendly college graduate and triathlete. He explained to me many things about running that I didn't know, and he encouraged me to come get a custom fitting just to have the evaluation of my foot strike, pronation, etc. We discussed my current running shoes and garb, and he said it sounds like I've found what works since I have no injuries in the last seven months. Despite not needing any running things as of the moment, I want a few things to make my life a little easier. So, that's where you seasoned runners can chime in and help me make money-smart decisions.

Running belt: I saw one today, and it's so cool. The sucker stretches to fit keys, cards, and a phone. I don't normally take a lot with me, but it is a pain to put my key around my finger or tie it in my shoe laces and hope I don't lose it. The one I saw today was $20. Is that a good price, or can any of you point me toward less expensive versions that are adjustable, hold race bibs, and stretch to fit stuff?

Moisture wicking headband: I have searched and searched, and I cannot find these things. Ugh! Not even the running store had them. I've looked on Amazon, but they're like $20, and that just seems steep for a headband. Suggestions?

Running shorts (of the legging variety):  I have one pair of Champion compression shorts, but I really want a couple pairs of BCG shorts from Academy. The compression shorts I have are really thin, but the BCGs I tried on ($12.99 at Academy) are thicker legging material, and they aren't hot pants. Any other brands for reasonable prices worth looking into?

A Membership on $64.95 a year, discounts on gear and races. Is it worth it, or should I just pay per race and suck up the processing fee?

Ok, this is all for now.  Any suggestion/help is appreciated. :)

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